Natural home made tan remover beauty tips


When our body exposure to the sun light our skin colour is darkened or tanned.when summer arrive we faced challenge to protect from sun to remove the tan from the skin in market so much products are available but that products will injure skin pours.thats why we introduce natural home made remedies to tan remover

Natural Way to Remove Tan Remover Face Packs

1.Honey and Sugar:

  • Add two table spoon of honey with one table sppon of sugar powder.
  • mixed both ingredients well.
  • now apply on tanned area and rise it for 10 min.

    sugar power and honey
    sugar nd honey
  • for the best results use natural honey
2.lemon Juice:
  • Cut a lemon and rub slice on your tanned area
  • allow it to sit for few minutes before washing it off
3.Yogurt and Tomato Extract:
  • mix up 1 tbs of each ingredients and mixed well the paste apply on tanned skin
  • let it be 30 min before washing off with cold water
4.Coffee Power and Sugar:
  • Take 2 table sppon coffee power and 2 table sppon of sugar
  • mix both items and add little bit of olive oil it helps to blow your skin
  • apply on your face and body raise it off for 1 hour
  • wash with cold water
5.Turmeric and Milk:
  • take one raw turmeric and powder it and take 4tbs of raw milk
  • make a paste by using both ingredients apply paste on tanned skin


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