Best new trendy hair styles for girls

Some new trendy hair styles for girls


What requried:

mini hair elastics

bobby pins and sea salt spary

step1:grab a 1 inch section of hair  from each side of your  ears and twist them back to the centre of your head and secure with a mini hait elastic

step 2:used hair underneath the elastic braid a rwo  inch part of hair and secure with another elastic.

step 3:wrap the braid around the base of itself unit it from a flower shape thrn use bobby pins to secure in place.

step 4:use sea salt spary on the rest of remine hair .its is a optional

Above hair style is  new trendy hair style for suits for long frocks and skirts .


What required:

bobby pins

mini hair elastics


hair clips

step 1:create a front section of hair using with a comb the way around your head from ear to ear.clip back the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way for now.

step 2:beinning at one side of your head  french braid the front section of hair long the hairline.

step 3:continue the french braid adding more hair to each strand as you go.

step 4:once the braid is at your ear continue with the tradition three strand braid to the end of the hair.

step 5:secure the braid with with a mini hair elastic at the bottom

step 6:make the braid a bit thicker by gently tugging a part each strand so the weave isnt too tight.

step 7:lift the braid up and over your head flush a gainst the french brided section until the end of braid reaches the oppoiste ear.

step 8:pin back any extra hair in the front of wasnt woven into the ranch braid this piece can be used to cover up the end of the braid if your hair isnt long enough to reach the opposite side of your head.

step 9:unclip the rest of your hair and tousle it forward.

step 10:if your secure any part of the braid use a booby pin to do so.


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